Dana C. Maher, CPA, P.S.

Dana has been a sole practitioner in Olympia since 1994. Because we are a small office, Dana has the privilege of working directly with each client. Dana’s greatest joy comes from developing lasting relationships with her clients. We are proud to often serve multiple generations of families and family owned businesses.

Professionalism, integrity, and personal service are the cornerstones of our office. While mistakes do happen, and for various reasons goals are not always met, every client is always treated with respect, kindness and honesty.

Dana C. Maher, CPA

    • Bachelor of Science degree from University of Texas at Dallas, August of 1986
    • Resident of western Washington since 1990
    • Member of Thurston County Chamber of Commerce and the Olympia Downtown Association
    • Member of Heritage Baptist Church
    • Member of Washington Society of CPAs

Dana, and her husband Rick, enjoy spending time with their three quarter horses, three miniature horses, and two Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s.  Dana enjoys driving and showing her miniature horses and participating in local parades.  Dana is continuing to “learn to ride” her quarter horse.  Fortunately, Mac is a small, gentle, horse and is patiently teaching Dana to ride.  Dana loves her Corgi’s!  And has recently started competing in agility with Albert.  Dana also enjoys cooking (especially baking), hiking, kayaking, and spending time with family and friends.

Rick Schaefer, IT Administrator

Rick is Dana’s husband and has been instrumental in helping our office keep up to date with good technology and security practices. Rick is not generally in the office, but rather works behind the scenes advising us regarding technology and internet security. Rick is a software engineer by profession and has years of experience and knowledge regarding internet security. Protecting our clients’ privacy, both over the internet and with respect to paper documents, is extremely important. We are constantly monitoring our systems and practices and making changes as necessary. Rick works very hard to find the simplest solution, which will also provide the maximum level of security, when advising us regarding technology and software.

Office Administrators

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the office administrators, Joan Benson and Alyssa Benson, decided to pursue other interests and will not be returning to the office. I enjoyed working with Joan and Alyssa for four years, and wish them all the best.